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Exhibit 13
This story is inspired by the Blue Man Group's Exhibit 13 (and subsequent Mandelbrot No. 4, which is hidden in the same track on the CD).  The compilation is available on Spotify, and I highly recommend you listen along (with headphones) for the full effect.
The protagonist is a young man with the extraordinary ability to control the elements.  Everything you can find in nature is under his command whenever he wills it.  And he is not alone in this.  The entire population of his small, hidden village also had these powers.  But not too long ago, the village was found, and the secret abilities of its inhabitants were discovered by explorers.  They captured the villagers, one by one, and locked them up in an underground laboratory where scientists studied and tried to emulate their powers using whatever means possible, even torturing them to induce a supernat
:iconscorchraserik:ScorchRaserik 2 3
He stared forward, elbows propped up on the table, hands folded in front of his face with his lips pressed against the backs of his knuckles.  Staring at nothing.  This wasn't the first time he had sat alone in this empty room, and it certainly won't be the last.  But he wasn't a prisoner to this solitude.  No, it was a choice.
The room was his own design.
The chair. The table. The walls. The door. The entire room was meticulously designed and constructed to perfection. It was the perfect chamber, built to perform one task and one task alone.  It was his thinking room.
He wouldn't always come here if he needed to think.  Not every thought was important enough to use the room, and the more time he spent inside, the more addictive the room became.  He feared that if he spent too much time within the empty chamber, he would never be able to leave.  Each thought he dwelled on inside the room led to another.
:iconscorchraserik:ScorchRaserik 7 4


Star Wars: TCG - Luke Skywalker by AnthonyFoti Star Wars: TCG - Luke Skywalker :iconanthonyfoti:AnthonyFoti 5,432 200
The paths we take
I kneeled down at the remains of the campfire, a small charcoal affair resting in the middle of a tire. The campsite was located in a small tunnel of the old world, a drainage ditch for the waste. Rain and lack of use had washed it clean, and the overgrowth of weeds and small trees made it a perfect hiding spot for however long my quarry spent there. Except now I don't know where he went. Sighing, I sank back and sat with my back against the wall of the tunnel, considering where he might have gone. So far the tracks had been easy to follow, the used campfire here, the dead wilder there. Most people wouldn't have any luck, would have seen the signs as the randomness of the Remains. That's what the world is called now, the Remains. Because that's what it is, the remains of man's foolishness and greed. The war, the plague, the fire -- they weren't the causes of our world. No, it was man's greed and desire for destruction that did it. Those, those were just the tools. Still, even when Man
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You Should Get Sunglasses
Love, even your glass eye wanders.
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 7 20
I would like to show my appreciation to my wonderful watchers by making a feature of my favorite works from them.
This is going to be a big journal! Please :+fav: this journal to show some love! And if you like the deviations, please go and check out these amazing deviants!!
I was going to do it when I made it to 70, but you guys do not deserve to wait!
:thumb316515456: :thumb309913765: Like a Delicate Sunset: Dive Into the Dawn Rose by Cloudwhisperer67 Intermezzo by Jade-Pandora [blank] by rainbowfishie101 :thumb283048654: Thorn by KodokuNoNana Tell Yourself by ActingDude17 :thumb317608612: She Called Herself Midnight by EmaciatedandEpitaphs :thumb304382119: Writer's Block by NOTHINandEVERYTHING the weathervane watch by Dementium A Head.. But no Heart. by KiwiTheKitty Awake And Alive by FadeAway1694 Girl as Color by Poetrymann :thumb296512166: Gerundium by Only4SeX Raining Blood Chapter 1: Begin the Revelations by DemonisAOH For you12 by malaladanila The Rainfall Kid by Concora Art and His Mistress by Exsibilation :thumb301099813: Waterscape I . . . by Kalen-Bloodstone The Dying Thoughts of Ayrton Senna by WordsOfThunder Time Immortal by Contradictory55 :thumb318488631: :thumb318810216
:iconcelestialmemories:CelestialMemories 13 74
Metal Man
I am a machine.
Whirring, clicking, buzzing, humming;  I can feel the ticking of every single sprocket and gear that sustain me.
Can't you hear it?
It pulsates gently, almost like a heart beat.
I am controlled.
Equations and numbers and words run my being. Manipulating variables, extracting results.
I detect movement around me. Beings-with hearts and minds and emotions and souls. They fear me, I can feel it. They are flesh, and I am metal.
I am the Metal Man.
:icongadzooks187:gadzooks187 8 5



I'm totally new at this :D

I'm not much of an artist, by definition, but I do consider myself a pretty decent writer, so I'll be posting my short stories and ramblings here for your enjoyment.  I really do hope you enjoy them, too, because my goal is to somehow get into the entertainment industry. I love to entertain and tell stories.

If anyone wants to show me the ropes of dA, though, I'd be more than happy for your guidance.  For example, I have no idea what the badges are nor how I give them to people, and while I would like critiques of my works, I don't quite understand what separates a critique from a comment.

In any case, though, I'll be here!
- Ryan


United States
Just a 20 year old guy trying to express himself and find his way in the world.


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